Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was welcomed with MUCH anticipation this year. The kids (well, boys specifically) knew what to expect this year and were brimming with excitement every single day.

Some clever, creative friends of mine inspired me to design our own advent “calendar”. As I was starting to print verses and come up with daily ideas, the church gave each family it’s own version of advent activities. We decided to go with that this year, supplemented by daily family activities. Each morning the boys opened an advent box, took out their paper ornaments to colour, read the story to go along with the ornaments, and learned what the “activity for the day” would be. Some days it was extremely simple, like cutting out paper snowflakes. Other days it was a little more involved, like going to Stanley Park for the Bright Nights train. We all thoroughly enjoyed the advent and will definitely do it again next year. (Next year, I will also take a picture of the cute little box and the Christmas tree adorned by paper ornaments.)

P1060120 010 P1060121 011

Nate and Jadon both practiced different songs to perform at their school Christmas concerts. Nate, unfortunately, was not well on the day of his portion of the school Christmas concert. While disappointed not to see what his class had worked on, we soon realized we have at least 5 more years just to watch Nate perform, let alone his siblings. He was kind enough to “record” his song (which we will so kindly are sharing with you too!)

Jadon bravely performed his songs in front of all the parents that came to watch the preschool Christmas program. Although somewhat shy and not one to perform, he did well even flashing a smile or two.

Brent’s parents were part of the Choir Musical at Church again this year. We were overjoyed that Grama Raabe was exuding energy and shone as she performed. We are all so thankful for health and full life and moments to bring glory to Our Creator and Saviour. The musical was written by the Children’s pastor and was wonderful.

choir 2010big choir 2010

My brother and his family celebrated Christmas in Vernon this year. As it was our year to have Christmas with the Raabes, we had an early get-together with the Penners a week before Christmas.

P1060176 008_edited-1P1060179 011 P1060208 040 P1060203 035P1060212 044 P1060213 045 P1060209 041

Then on Christmas eve, we went to church with Grama and Grampa Raabe along with Uncle Vince, Auntie Lynette, Alex & Tyler. Church was followed by delicious Christmas treats and a few presents including cozy warm pyjamas.

P1060214 001(The kids designed a “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Cake” in the morning with dear friends Joelle & Susanna)fancy dressfancy pants  silent night

P1060226 013_edited-1P1060235 022_edited-1 P1060237 024_edited-1 P1060241 028_edited-1P1060231 018_edited-1santa hats

Christmas morning the kids (OK, the adults too) woke up to filled stockings and several gifts under the tree. The rest of the day was spent at the Raabes with more celebrations (AND more stockings and more gifts!!!). We are exceedingly blessed.

P1060253 011P1060257 015P1060261 019 P1060262 020P1060265 023_edited-1 twister   

Sunday, November 21, 2010

One Year Old!

Talia turned one on Saturday. What a year we have had with her. We cherish her smiles, snuggles, giggles, wrinkled nose, tentative steps, scoots, songs, chatterings, mischevious looks of satisfaction….

This month she gained confidence in climbing. Mommy needs to be much more careful what she leaves out which might become an obstacle course for a little one trying out her new skills.

P1060006 003 P1060004 001

She is LOVED by her big brothers. They are both so caring towards her. Nate, being 5 and a little more responsible, is fantastic at walking her around or just playing with her. If he hears her crying, he will stop whatever he is doing to go and play with her. Adorable. Jadon tries hard, but is still practicing his skills at anticipating what she needs or is trying to communicate. He loves being near her, carrying her around, bringing her toys and when he is sad, she is the one he wants to comfort him.

P1060009 003

Talia woke up to snow on her birthday. It disappeared fast but stuck around long enough for a little bit of playtime in the morning.

P1060020 011 P1060027 017P1060032 022

Grampa dropped by during the day to give Talia her own princess ball. She was delighted. No one is getting that ball from her (and believe me that the boys have tried. Multiple times.)

P1060050 037

She also decided that just maybe she could walk on her own, even without the safety of Mommy or Daddy’s arms to catch her if she falls. She just looks way too small to be walking on her own. (sorry for the "vertical" video, it will still give you an idea of how she moves, particularly is you put your left ear on your left shoulder while watching!)

On Sunday, we had a small family birthday party for Talia that was all pink (thank you Thrifties for a scrumptious complementary cake!).

PB215899 P1060061 007 PB215901 P1060053 003 P1060072 018PB215910 P1060063 009 P1060080 026

She seemed to soak up all the attention.

P1060055 001P1060088 033_edited-1 P1060093 038_edited-1

P1060099 044showing doll to mom PB215940 PB215932

She has so many people who love her.